Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our goal is to help you resolve your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life utilizing testosterone replacement therapy.

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Why HRT?

Testosterone levels begin to decrease while men are in their 30’s.  Testosterone is responsible for many physical factors that impact energy levels, mood, motivation, and are even protective of cardiovascular health.  It is the primary hormone responsible for maintaining a normal sex drive in men.  When testosterone levels are low, it leads to the following:

Loss of libido or sex drive
Loss of frequency or quality of erections,
Loss of orgasm quality,
Loss of endurance or prolonged recovery post-intimacy,
Weight gain, especially in the abdomen,
Hair loss
Loss of motivation
Difficulty with concentration or memory loss
Elevated cholesterol
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What to expect with HRT?

Reaching For Wellness offers prescription testosterone replacement that is customized to the individual’s needs, using up to date scientific literature.  Our Family Nurse Practitioner will draw and review your blood work prior to collaboratively agreeing to a dosing regimen and the route of administration that best suits your needs.  

Hormone replacement therapy for women

Reaching For Wellness customizes the route and dosing of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to the individual needs of the client using up to date, scientific literature to guide recommendations. The risks and benefits of HRT to reduce or eliminate your symptoms are thoroughly discussed prior to treatment.

Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life, utilizing HRT. Some symptoms of needing HRT include:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Weight gain, especially around the middle
Fluid build-up (edema)
Poor sleep
Loss of energy
Changes in menstrual cycle
Loss of libido, or desire for sex
Vaginal dryness
Painful intercourse
Elevated fasting insulin
Loss of orgasm quality or ability to achieve orgasm
Elevated cholesterol
Hair loss
Brain fog/memory loss
Joint pain

An alternative solution is in reach.

We are excited to help you reach for wellness! There is a growing demand across the country for alternative treatments for depression and pain that have been resistant to standard medical services and interventions. Contact us to learn how ketamine therapy is being used as an effective treatment.

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