DOT Physicals

A DOT Physical for CDL Drivers is required in order to receive a DOT Card. It is encouraged to complete the physical exam before going to MVA to to apply. See below to find out more about the DOT physical.

DOT Physicals

DOT Exams - $80.00

Notice: DOT physical examinations must be conducted by a licensed examiner. A driver may becertified for up to twenty-four (24) months. The examiner may issue a certificate for under 24 months(3 months-to-1 year) if exceptions to this standard exist where a medical condition requires monitoringor re-evaluation.


  • DOT Driver Exam
    (For commercial driver’slicenses & physicals fornon-CDLs)
  • DOT Drug Testing
    (Not included as part of DOT Exam, but can be offered as a separate cost)
  • DOT Renewal (Physical)
    (Up to 2-year certification)
    EXCEPTIONS: May receive a 1-year or even 3-month certification due to certain medical conditions like high BP, heart disease, diabetes or sleep apnea needing to monitored.


    We’ll Ask About Your Medical History
  • NEXT
    You’ll take the DOT Exam
  • LAST
    After the Exam, you’ll get a copy of your results (the Medical Report and Certificate)


  • Gather and bring all of your Medical Records with you
  • Make or bring a list of your diagnosed Medical conditions
  • Tell us about ANY Medical Devices you use/need
  • Keep your bladder FULL before exam

Helpful Checklist (as needed)

MEDICATIONS (Doses & strength)
STRESS-TEST RESULTS (Heart condition)
CPAP RESULTS (Last 90 Days)
CONTACT INFORMATION (e.g., ALL of Your Doctors)
A1C RESULTS (Diabetes)
KEEP YOUR BLADDER FULL (Come to Exam this way—we’ll collect a urine sample)

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